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[Mar. 26th, 2005|01:22 pm]


[Genre |coldcold]
[Soundtrack |Little Sister - Rufus Wainwright]

Hi everyone!
I've been an indie actress/"professional extra" for, well, a long time.
But since I need enough money to pay rent, I'm also a reporter. And now I'm writing an article about the ways that indie movies are better than production company movies, and I was just wondering what anyone's top, say, 5 or 10 favorite indie movies were. Or, even better, if anyone had an opinion about the topic that I could quote them on.
Please, if you get a chance, email me at harvested.hearts@gmail.com or reply here?
-Jenna, Bucks County Courier Times

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From: hazyshadeofalex
2005-04-06 02:30 am (UTC)

My thoughts, I guess

I think I'm gonna be random and just list a few: Party Monster, 200 Cigarettes, SLC Punk!, Swingers, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, Dogville, Equilibrium, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Clay Pigeons, and Ghost World are just a few of my favorites.

The great thing about indie films is that the creators aren't afraid of being rejected by the masses - because the majority of people like the same, repetitive thing. Indie creators are the only people to be truly honest and unique, which makes a great storytelling experience.
My name's Kristi, and you can quote that if you want (sorry it was kinda lame:)
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